How to know if you’re dehydrated

Recently I’ve felt more tired than usual but I didn’t make much of it, it wasn’t until I started noticing dryness in my lips, mouth and skin that I knew something wasn’t right. Also I was more hungry than ever and apparently your body doesn’t know how to tell if you’re hungry or thirsty, so what you really need to do if you feel like eating your whole fridge when you already ate is to drink a full glass of water, hard I know. So, If you’re experiencing headaches, dry skin, dry lips and even a darker color or smell when you pee and all of the symptoms above then you probably are dehydrated. Congratulations! But don’t worry it’s not a big deal and is more common than you know, even more nowadays that people drink up to four cans of soda a day but not even a drop of water for weeks. To take this off your list of thing s to worry about you need to start drinking at least 5 glasses of water, it is highly recommended to drink 8 glasses of water a day but for someone who doesn’t drink any water it can get difficult at first.


To make it easy and a little bit more fun you can add fruits or mint leaves to the water and let it on the fridge overnight or if you always forget to drink water thanks to technology nowadays there are tons of apps in the AppStore or in Google Play to remind you of the water you still have left to drink so you can achieve your daily goal. Don’t forget water is life!


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