#ootd First Spring Outfit


Looking for inspiration to start this season? Here I have my first Spring outfit guys! (All from Charlotte Russe). This season is all about rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and regrowth, that’s why a floral pattern is the best way to go. This lovely tenue is perfect for enjoying nature and  the weather outside. This floral romper is the definition of chic, with a navy blue and pink blush, matched with beautiful heels and a blush faux fur bag (Which I love!). It’s spring time so the sun is shining pretty bright, therefore sunglasses are very important and this ones are so cute and super cheap. And lastly this gorgeous blush earnings bring the whole outfit together and I love it! To shop for any items of this look the links are below:


Chic+Comfy: My top 3 Bralettes

untitled-bralettes-2No wires, just lace on lace! Bralettes are very in right now because they provide comfort without leaving behind style. You can use them with loose shirts (so you can see this beauty peek), with transparent shirts and if you are feeling extra daring and ready to get out of your comfort zone you can wear them like you would wear a crop top. You can play with layers and pair the bralette with a denim jacket, a leather jacket, maxi skirts, high waisted jeans, short overalls, you name it! Let you creativity flow and try out this new trend. So here is my top 3 in order:

Dry mascara? NO MORE (tips and tricks)


Mascara is a girl’s best friend for sure! It makes your eyes truly pop and the perfect mascara leaves you with flirty and sexy lashes. But what happens when you start getting clumps or it’s just not as smooth? Then it’s time to do something about it. Here I have some super easy tricks to improve your dry mascara:

1. First and most important never pump your wand several times. This brings air inside the tube leaving it there and as a result drying it faster than usual.

2. To smooth the liquid inside and get rid of those annoying clumps put the mascara tube closed inside a glass of hot water for a couple of minutes.

3. My favorite trick and the most useful to fix dry mascara is to add a few eye drops inside the tube and ready to apply! If you don’t have eye drops, saline water will do the trick too.

4. If there’s no way of fixing your favorite mascara don’t throw it away! You can use it to fill and brush your eyebrows to make them look on fleek! And you save a few dollars in eyebrow brushes, it’s a win win!

#ootd It’s still cold outside


SLAY IT! This is for those of you out there who still can’t get out of your house without a big warm coat or jacket even tho winter is almost gone. Can’t believe this is my last post on winter outfits *sad* but spring is just around the corner and I have some awesome ideas! This look is perfect for a Friday rendez-vous, with a color palette of black (cuz dah!), brown and just a hint of gold. Did I say I’m in LOVE with that top from Charlotte Russe? The links to shop any of these items are below:

#ootd Head to toe Forever 21 winter outfit



  We say goodbye to the winter the best way we can… In style! For this cold weather outside we want to be fashionably warm and cozy and what better way than with this trendy outfit all under $50 (most things way under) and all from one of my favorite stores Forever 21 #NotSponsored This practical olive green jacket with a white long sleeves body and high rise black jeans and we can’t forget my favorite part.. Faux leather ankle boots! I just love them, can you tell?

   For the accessories we have also a faux leather tote bag, a knit pom-pom beanie (that I’m obsess with), a layered gold necklace, a gold ring set, golden earnings and bracelets to match this whole outfit. Links to shop theses items are below:

#ootd (Valentine’s edition)


Hi my loves! Here I’ve put together a sexy outfit for this day, perfect from having dinner with the bae to going partying at night or even to just feel sexy on this day and show your ex what he’s missing, cuz what’s wrong with being flirty and confident? And this is just perfect to make you feel that way. A black sexy mini dress with long sleeves and a cut in the tummy, that show the perfect amount of skin, red heels with lace around the ankles to give it a pop of color (plus, red to match the occasion) and to complete this outfit a red basic clutch. If you want to get theses items the links are below:


How to know if you’re dehydrated

Recently I’ve felt more tired than usual but I didn’t make much of it, it wasn’t until I started noticing dryness in my lips, mouth and skin that I knew something wasn’t right. Also I was more hungry than ever and apparently your body doesn’t know how to tell if you’re hungry or thirsty, so what you really need to do if you feel like eating your whole fridge when you already ate is to drink a full glass of water, hard I know. So, If you’re experiencing headaches, dry skin, dry lips and even a darker color or smell when you pee and all of the symptoms above then you probably are dehydrated. Congratulations! But don’t worry it’s not a big deal and is more common than you know, even more nowadays that people drink up to four cans of soda a day but not even a drop of water for weeks. To take this off your list of thing s to worry about you need to start drinking at least 5 glasses of water, it is highly recommended to drink 8 glasses of water a day but for someone who doesn’t drink any water it can get difficult at first.


To make it easy and a little bit more fun you can add fruits or mint leaves to the water and let it on the fridge overnight or if you always forget to drink water thanks to technology nowadays there are tons of apps in the AppStore or in Google Play to remind you of the water you still have left to drink so you can achieve your daily goal. Don’t forget water is life!