Dry mascara? NO MORE (tips and tricks)


Mascara is a girl’s best friend for sure! It makes your eyes truly pop and the perfect mascara leaves you with flirty and sexy lashes. But what happens when you start getting clumps or it’s just not as smooth? Then it’s time to do something about it. Here I have some super easy tricks to improve your dry mascara:

1. First and most important never pump your wand several times. This brings air inside the tube leaving it there and as a result drying it faster than usual.

2. To smooth the liquid inside and get rid of those annoying clumps put the mascara tube closed inside a glass of hot water for a couple of minutes.

3. My favorite trick and the most useful to fix dry mascara is to add a few eye drops inside the tube and ready to apply! If you don’t have eye drops, saline water will do the trick too.

4. If there’s no way of fixing your favorite mascara don’t throw it away! You can use it to fill and brush your eyebrows to make them look on fleek! And you save a few dollars in eyebrow brushes, it’s a win win!